EASTLAKE GROUP cares about the wellbeing of its members and guests. Providing assistance to people experiencing harm from gambling is a key aspect of delivering safer and more enjoyable experiences.

Not only is this a legislative requirement but we know it also reflects community expectations. And it reflects our culture of care.

Gambling harms are broader than just financial losses. They can include health, wellbeing and relationship impacts that often extend beyond the person gambling to friends, family and the broader community.

We are committed to reducing gambling harm by:

  • Looking out for signs of gambling harm
  • Checking in on players regularly
  • Implementing harm prevention policies and procedures
  • Providing assistance, advice, or just someone to talk to
  • Taking action if we see signs of gambling harm

If you’re impacted by gambling harm, including by someone else’s gambling, help is available.  

Speak to our supportive staff or visit everystorymatters.act.gov.au to find out about the range of online, phone and face to face supports available.